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A website for young nurses and the young at heart in Aotearoa

The Emergency Trolley

Ever felt like work was getting on top of you and you need a bit of resuscitation yourself? The Emergency Trolley is where you will find tips and hints to help you cope with some of the more challenging aspects of nursing.

Nurses face challenging issues at work everyday - things like heavy patient loads, colleagues who are impatient and stressed, violent patients and family members, tragedy, and death. Even working shift work can limit the time we can spend with our friends or doing the sport or activity we love. Somtimes this stuff can get on top of us and make us wonder why on earth we want to be a nurse.


On the up side, being a nurse can be incredibly rewarding - we get to meet some amazing people, make a real difference in people's lives, work in exotic places, and often work around our family lives by taking up a part-time role.


Still, even these benefits sometimes don't outweight the challenges, so we've put together some information that might help you cope with some of the challenges. Click on the links below for some ideas.

Coping with shiftwork


In the workplace - strategies for managing burnout