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Professional Nursing Adviser - NZNO

Hello – I am Kate Weston – one of the NZNO  Professional Nursing Advisers based in Auckland. 


 My nursing background is primarily in women’s and children’s health, where I have worked for a number of years (over 3 decades!!!)   In a variety of roles around the country and across the spectrum of primary, secondary and tertiary care in both public and private sector. I have also been involved in some project work looking at health services delivery in a large DHB. I have a particular interest in patient safety and also the professional safety of those who are providing healthcare services.


My clinical background is primarily in women’s and children’s health. The role that I held immediately prior to taking up my position at NZNO was as the Quality Manager Child Women and Family Services at Waitemata DHB– reviewing complainants and incidents, policy development and preparation for H&DSS and other specific audits. Prior to that, I was the Nursing Practice Leader in the   Child Disability service at Waitemata DHB with a role to develop the nursing team there.

I originally undertook a hospital based nursing programme to gain qualification as   Registered General and Obstetric Nurse (RGON).   Shortly after completing my basic nursing education, I enrolled for a Diploma in nursing programme, but quickly changed to a Bachelor of Arts majoring in nursing studies, as at that time there was not yet a dedicated Bachelor of Nursing programme available for me. I did my degree via extramural studies at Massey University, spacing studies around three small children and part time nursing work.  Following completion of the BA, I then undertook Postgraduate studies – completing my Masters of Nursing in 2002.


My role as Professional Nursing Adviser is interesting and varied.  I work closely with my Industrial team (organiser) colleagues, as most issues that impact industrially will also impact professionally – particularly the work around safe staffing/ Care Point that aims to have the right mix of the correct staff numbers and skill mix to meet patient/client demands.  My work also includes a large component of education at work sites and in organised forums.  I provide support to several professional Colleges/Sections: Neonatal Nurse College Aotearoa, Nurses for Children and Young People Aotearoa and the Women’s Health Section. I also provide support for the Midwives virtual network and provide comment on Quality issues (e.g. Serious and Sentinel events annual report). 


On the personal front, I live on the North Shore in Auckland with my husband. We have three adult children who have now all completed their tertiary studies in their respective fields.  (No nurses!)


Kate Weston

RGON BA MN (Hons.)

Professional Nursing Adviser NZNO