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Nursing policy adviser/researcher

Jill Clendon – Nursing policy adviser/researcher, NZNO


The aims of this multi-faceted position are to lead the development of future focused, evidence-based, nursing related policy informing, to strengthen the vision, policy, activities and leadership of NZNO, and to undertake research related to nursing policy, models and systems. I am also secretary for the Nursing Education and Research Foundation (NERF).


A typical day may involve discussing upcoming governmental and/or nursing-related policy consultations, collating feedback and writing a submission, co-ordinating a group of nurses to work on a specific project, writing a guideline or fact sheet, submitting an ethics application for research, analysing data, developing protocols associated with NERF, or writing an article for publication.


I have a background mainly in teaching and research of late, but maintain my clinical skills by returning to practice regularly.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in political studies, a Diploma of Comprehensive Nursing, a Masters of Philosophy (Nursing) and a PhD (Nursing).


There are many paths to this type of role, but a solid background in research (for example including a thesis or dissertation in your master’s studies) is essential for the research component. For the policy components of the role, post graduate studies in policy would be helpful but contributing to and writing policy and submissions in or on behalf of your workplace and being able to demonstrate this would be useful.


The ability to multi-task and manage a number of different projects simultaneously is probably the most important skill in this role!!