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Medical sales executive

Donna Johansson

I have been working for Smith and Nephew for the last 7 years and what a wonderful journey it has been in relation to learning and developing new skills, clinically and commercially as well as working with so many wonderful and inspirational clinicians in a range of settings.


My role as Senior Sales Executive involves representing, selling and promoting the Advanced Wound Care and Surgical Technology portfolio. To sell effectively there needs to be a win win resolution, in order to do this relationships, communication and mutual respect is vital. Identifying the need of the varied stakeholders, providing support and resources to achieve optimum outcomes for patients wellbeing and overall economic efficiency.

A considerable part of my day involves discussions with clinicians around specific indications, preventative measures and treatment such as pressure injuries, surgical site infection prevention, burn management, etc,  in relation to wound management. With the increasing national health restraints on resources and the need to address costs across all DHB’s I need to keep abreast of current research, MOH objectives, innovation and clinical practice. The variety and nature of my role is also focused on providing support and education to assist in solutions, outcomes and economics of patient care.


Considering a medical selling role is a wonderful opportunity to gain insight and experience from a commercial perspective and how companies such as Smith and Nephew can assist in the overall outcomes for patients, families, clinicians, and society by working together.

As a staff nurse I had always enjoyed teaching sessions provided by company representative and were inspired by how knowledgeable they were on their products.

I was sitting having coffee with a couple of CNE’s and the hospital Wound Nurse Specialist who had the local Smith and Nephew Representative with her, we got talking about her role and how Smith and Nephew were looking for someone. I made contact with the manager and expressed my interest in the position.


For anyone wanting to explore a career with a medical company you could consider making contact with your local representatives and the companies you particularly like. Research company websites to get a feel for their vision, how they portray themselves and their portfolio.An adult teaching certificate can also be worthy for some roles.