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A note of appreciation

Posted by Teniah on August 2, 2015 at 12:40 AM

Sometimes nursing is a thankless job. Management does not always acknowledge how much of ourselves is poured out to care for the clients we nurse. They very likely do not even know you by name. Depending on your specialty of practice you may work with clients who despise the role you play in their recovery, resent your very presence, or simply are oblivious to what you do to support them. Nurses at times are called the most horrible names imaginable, spit upon, abused, and disregarded...It is not all bad news though, friends...

Let me take a moment to really encourage you and remind you that the love and generosity shared with those around you is NOT unappreciated or unseen. Your choice to serve others – in particular those who are very difficult to care for – is valued. YOU, my fellow nurses, are truly a remarkable bunch of people.

While you may not hear a “thank you” at the end of that rough shift – when you haven’t had a break for hours and your head is splitting and your blood pressure is raised. Write it up on your wall at home, or put it in a special place where you can look upon it at a time of need. Be reminded that “You are making a difference. Your kindness and understanding towards others is appreciated. No matter the circumstances surrounding you; you are enough.” (Or something along those lines...something that helps you to feel appreciated.) In this present moment, your efforts matter, and will have a positive effect on the nurses coming behind you on the next shift.

While upper management and clients themselves may not always voice their appreciation or even acknowledge who you are... As a nursing team, let’s take a moment to really remind one another of our value as a whole; our value as a team. Together we do make a difference. While nursing can at times feel like a truly thankless job...Let me be the first to say that I truly appreciate each and every one of you. I appreciate your courage, your commitment, your patience, your values, your dedication to the profession, your team work and understanding towards one another, and your kindness and generosity towards your colleagues and your clients. Keep up the good work, and let’s make the culture of nursing one that recognises and appreciates one another.


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