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2014 General Election

Yep, it's election year again!


Are you enrolled to vote? By law, everyone over the age of 18 must be enrolled to vote. Legally you don't have to actually vote, but you do have to be enrolled. If you want to check if you are enrolled or actually enrol to vote, check out the elections website.


New Zealand runs a Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system which means you can vote for someone to represent you where you live (electorate MP) and you can vote for the party that you think best represents your interests. The most common New Zealand political parties are National (currently in power), Labour, the Greens,  the Maori Party, Mana, New Zealand First, United Future and ACT. There are also a couple of newer parties that will stand at this year's party including the Conservative Party and the Internet Party.


Who you vote for is entirely up to you - no-one can tell you who to vote for except yourself. If you are having trouble making a decision, the NZNO manifesto has identified 7 key priorities that nurses think are important that may help guide you in your decision. These priorities are:


  • A sustainable nursing workforce used to its full extent


  • Investment in public health


  • A primary health care approach to improving population health


  • Safe clinical environments


  • Social and health equity


  • Fair employment


  • Best start for children


When you are looking at the policies that each of the parties promotes, check them against this list of priorities and see if they match.  For further information, read the NZNO manifesto.